Exploration of New Byleene

Game 1 (Dungeon report)

Temple Undercroft

Day 1

Upon descending the stone stairs into the under-croft of the temple of Havthor, the fun begins with a dirty and deadly fight with a pair of Giant Centipedes leaving our heroes with a thing or two to think about and some needed tending. As this day goes on it sees a few more scuffles with vermin of the sort and a few more bumps and bruises but all for the reward of gold that has lain in this musky place for time untold.

Day 2

Pressing on into the deeps, Goblins, Giant Ants, and Rats abound and yet a few more learning steps for the new adventurer, but all well played and the triumph continues with only a few long tunnels ending in nothing more than disappointment and a dead end.

Day 3

Betrayal!!! While tending to their wounds after a particularly nasty bout with a trapped chest, our dear Amaryllis is attacked from the shadows by another rogue, and whats worse than the fact that it is a Guild member? It is also a fellow halfling (Ouch!) though through the clean aim of Agni and quick thinking of Amaryllis this unexpected foe lies now on the examination tables of the Guild mages to determine the cause of his poor decision. Our mighty two however will not back down, there is still one door un opened and it must be tested.

Final rooms

Darkmantles assail our band from above and beyond, leaving a mark or two but none to worry and off to the last door… What the heck is that??!!?? Sailing toward Agni after opening the door is a Blue Dragon Wyrmling in full (though miniature) glory of its race. I will not frighten you with the details of this bloody and quite electrifying battle… know only that the quick thinking and teamwork of the Explorers saw through to the end, and beaten, bruised, cut, and hungry they reap the rewards of this… their first dungeon!



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