Exploration of New Byleene

Game 1

The meeting of the party, and the first trip outside.

Day 1

On the first day we meet the adventurers Agni and Amaryllis as they make there respective ways to the Guild of Explorers to make their mark. Once Assigned to a team together by the kind and helpful sponsor Antinia they are soon on their way toward the city walls to forge out into the wild.

Day 2

After a good rest spent in the Cowardly Skull inn (the last refuge of civilization before exiting the bubble) our intrepid tip-toeing two begin their search of the outside world. Beyond the bubble the trees are Many stories tall and form a true forest devoid of most underbrush, and the sounds and smells are near overwhelming for two who have never of rarely seen beyond the great walls of Byleene, so much testing of the surroundings must ensue. Largely following the bubble to the east and then cutting north not long before having to set up camp the team finds little out of the ordinary save all of the wildlife is much larger than they had expected. Once camped for the evening with a Giant Rabbit cooking away, thanks to the keen skills of Agni, the night brings little excitement save for the approach of a lone and very large wolf to the camp. Seeming to merely be curios of the strange smells and beings around the glowing embers, the wolf sniffs his way around the elf and halflings new found resting place, but with a little food shared on the part of our party the wolf leaves satisfied and they adventurers get some shut eye.

Day 3

The third day of our adventure finds the first sign of history on our expedition, The ruins of a Temple of Havthor (see Pantheon of Byleene) the patron Wanderers and incidentally both of our adventurers. Many great discoveries were made including, skulls of some long past culture, a still intact door leading down into the bowels of this once holy place, and the knowledge that the stories they know of the 5 being the first true civilization being shaken to its core. What’s left to do after excavating skeletons, and righting the fallen head of your beloved god? Why descend of course!! And as always that will take you to The Dungeon Report

Day 6

Our band re-emerges from the depths within, hungry beaten and weary, but with gold and items in great store and return their weary way back to the wall and safety of the Bubble to report to their sponsor and reap their rewards. All in all a good weeks work.



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