Exlore the untouched lands outside Garandian, what will you find.. and more importantly how much will the guild pay for it!!!

Life has been simple in the 5 cities for as long as anyone can remember, the statues of the 5 heroes that made what there is today possible by defeating the great dragon Kyleth serve only as a memory of bed time tales to frighten children. Doomsday mongers have never been notable in Garandian, always spouting this and that, but the events last week… the forests beyond the great city trembling… the snow in summer… and the voice all heard at once in there minds “You know nothing!” What could it mean, why is it everyone is so quiet now? Even the DD mongers have vanished into the alleys. The explorers guild has reopened its doors to find out just what could cause such a ruckus. Do you have what it takes to survive in the wilderness beyond? What treasures lie waiting for your hand? Or is it death that turns the tables in the game of dungeons, forests, and fun.

Exploration of New Byleene

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